The snow goose - A short story of Dunkirk

samedi 30 avril 2011
par  jackie
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Philip Rhayader is a lonely hunchbacked artist, painter of birds and nature, who lives in an abandoned lighthouse in the marshlands of Essex. He withdrawn from the human society because of the rebuffade his ugly face, crippled arm, disabled body, inspired to the people. In his sanctuary for migrating birds, protecting them from the hunters, sailing, taking pictures or sketching new species, painting, he was happy.

One day of october, a 12 years old girl, Fritha, aproached to his lighthouse, carrying an injured Canada snow goose. He named it the Lost Princess. Then began the friendship between these 3 characters.

1940. Rhayader heard the appeal of the governement to all the ship’owners to rescue the british army, trapped between Dunkirk and Lapanny, by the advancing Germans. Among the rescued soldiers, the story of this strange man with the goose flying around his boat, became a kind of legend.


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jeudi 16 juin 2011 à 19h01 - par  webmestre

This is really a great piece of photography. This old truck looks very realistic with faded paint and rusty body along with the brick background. =-=

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dimanche 1er mai 2011 à 22h16 - par  jackie

De ce que j’ai pu lire, ce n’est pas une histoire vraie, mais il semblerait, d’après [1], que l’auteur se soit inspiré de Peter Scott, ornithologiste et peintre pour Rhayader. En revanche, le contexte est tout ce qu’il y a de plus vrai. A Dunkerque, on continue à fêter cet évennement tous les 5 ans il me semble, ceux des "Little ship" encore capable de naviguer y viennent. Il y a de tout, y compris un navire à aube. Et c’est assez remarquable, et très joli à voir. L’année dernière c’était le 70ème anniversaire, mais je crains que ce fusse la dernière fois.

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dimanche 1er mai 2011 à 19h09 - par  sylvain

Et en plus, maintenant, Bibargenteuil est devenu un site multilongue.

Est-ce une histoire vraie ?


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samedi 30 avril 2011 à 23h51 - par  jackie

This is a simple, very lovely short book. More a prose poem than a novel, it emphasises love, friendship, love of wildness of nature and empathy. This man who rescued those people (and paid with his life), although people had rejected him. That’s strong. What is interesting specially for me, is that the story set against a backdrop of “Dynamo Operation” [-]. Maybe a bit to fade, from my point of view, but a book u need to read once in your life, preferably when you are child, and a second time when adult.


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